Month: November 2014

Ripped Recipe: Stupidly Fast and Easy Low Carb Zoodle Zoop

Why, after recently extolling the virtues of eating lots of carbs while dropping fat (and lifting very heavy) would I post a low-carb recipe? Although I eat lots of carbs, I try to do it as close to bedtime as possible. After my daily 20-hour fast, I’m extremely sensitive to insulin. The first carb-rich food I eat puts me in a near stupor for up to 30 minutes. That’s why I like to come off my daily fast with lower carb foods and ramp up carbs closer to bed.

1 large zucchini
1 cup of low-sodium boxed soup (I used Pacific Organic creamy tomato and red pepper soup @ 110 cal/ cup)
Whatever seasonings you like.

Spiralize the zucchini. [Never heard of spiralizing? It’s what a spiralizer does. Never heard of a spiralizer? See photo below.

I highly recommend you buy one if you’re interested in diving deeper into the wide world of making spaghetti out of any semi-hard vegetable (like zucchini (actually a fruit, but whatever), carrot, sweet potato, etc.)]. Sautee resulting “zoodles” for a couple of minutes in dry pan with a little salt to draw out some water. Add cup of soup. Cover and simmer until desired level of tenderness is reached (like five mins). Season with whatever you want. I added some garlic powder, curry powder and cayenne to this batch. Eat. A big bowl of this weighs in at a wimpy 130-150 calories and is pretty filling.